Are women better off to be a mistress than a wife?

For so many years, this question keeps ringing in my ears. This always reminds me of the time when I was trying to find the reason why my marriage failed.

And though my children told me my only mistake was being selfless, I keep on thinking what does it take to be a mistress. Why there are men who will leave their wives for other women.

What does the mistress has that she can make an egoist, a cruel, and a stingy man change? Isn’t it that people change only through their own will and volition?

A question that until now I haven’t find the answer.


How strong can a person be?
In the midst of oddity
In cruelty and betrayal
In the world where truth
Is hidden, evaded incessantly.

How strong can a person be?
Alone in darkness
Muted in silence
Muddled with hypocrisy
Drowned in temerity.

How strong can a person be?
When water flows freely
Gushing in deaden face
Gasping for breath, yelling
Where is peace, equality?

How strong can a person be?
Where only hope relies in Thee
At blinking stars and shiny moon
To majestic rays seeping at dawn
And to flowers that bloom.

How strong can a person be?
When folded knees shake
And clasped hands moistened
With stiffened muscles
Heavy feet lift not a single step.

How strong can a person be?
An unanswered question
Like a myth, truth is unknown.
How strong can a person be?
Relatively personal, nobody can just see.




Morning thoughts

Our life is full of ironies we tend to crave for what we don’t have and disregard what we already have. And often times, we wish for things that are impossible instead of being realistic and work on and improve on the resources we have.  On the other hand, it is good to dream big so we can have greater accomplishment.  Very ironic that in the end we become confused and lost in out thoughts.

The world needs respectful people to attain peace

Wonder why there are people who capitalize on the lives of others to advance their cause? It is so depressing to watch people die due to the reckless and the egoistic acts of some people; they seem to take pleasure from sowing terror.
And London has become their favorite stage to show their heinous deeds. The city has been battered for several times now, the one act done simultaneously, and just today, one dies when a van rammed into a mosque were Muslim brothers are holding their prayers.
If only everyone will learn and practice the values of respect, no one will dare to hurt each other.

Moscow shopping spree


Looking for good buys in Moscow? Head to Dubrovka. Here you will find a massive shopping complex where almost everything is sold at wholesale price i.e. clothes, shoes, bags, children stuff, cosmetics, jewelry. You name it and you will find it there. The complex is covered and clean you can spend a day hunting for good buys. Just follow the exit signs to shopping center from the Metro. The easier access to the market is at the left exit immediately after a fenced building.

And for anyone who does not mind buying pre-loved items, proceed to building where there a sign for the gymnasium. The shop at the second floor.

For techno buffs, electronic and gadget stuffs are available on the building immediately at the right side of the Metro exit.